Summary info

  • Cores per node
    :32 cores
  • CPU per node
    :1 CPUs
  • CPU model
    :AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X
  • RAM per node
    :128 GB
  • CPU price/Ghz/hr, $
  • CPU nodes
  • GPU model
    :Latest GPUs, each with 217 Octanebench
  • GPU price/hour, $
  • GPU nodes
  • Power description
    :With more than 14 years of experience, $27 free trial. Total power of 4.7 Mio Cinebench15 and 26,259 Octanebench.
  • Discount
    :up to 60% discount and $27 free trial for new registrants
  • Support
    :chat, telephone, support ticket

About farm

RebusFarm - Your CPU & GPU Render Service

Our own RebusFarm 3.0 Software allows seamless and easy integration into your personal workflow - for all 3D Software. RebusFarm 3.0 has a new design and a lot of new features like batch rendering, precise cost estimation, pre-upload, new job preview, resubmission, faster up- and download, and a responsive design to always check your render jobs on all your devices.

Thanks to our massive cloud computing power you'll receive your render jobs within a remarkably short time with discounts of up to 60% and for only 1.4 cent/GHzh (CPU) or 0.5 cent/OBh (GPU).

Get started with a free trial of 25 RenderPoints (worth 29 US Dollar).

Our service operates with a total computing power of 92,440.00 GHz and a cumulated OctaneBench score of 26,259

Our RebusFarm TeamManager allows you to manage your team using one master-account. The perfect solution for project work and 3D studios.

Also visit our RebusFarm Community and enter our "3D Artist of the Month" contest & read great interviews and making-ofs on our blog.  

Happy rendering!



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Short Info

Supported software

  • Image 3DSMax
  • Image Blender
  • Image Cinema4D
  • Image Lightwave3D
  • Image Maya
  • Image SoftimageXSI
  • Image Sketchup

Supported renderers

  • Image vray
  • Image mentalray
  • Image arnold
  • Image maxwell
  • Image cycles
  • Image octane
  • Image redshift
  • Image indigorenderer
  • Image kray

Supported plugins

  • Image multiscatter
  • Image forestpackpro
  • Image realflow
  • Image vrayscatter
  • Image forest-pack
  • Image rail-clone
  • Image phoenix-fd
  • Image quad-chamfer
  • Image thinkingparticles
  • Image rich-dirt2