Summary info

  • Cores per node
    :28 cores
  • CPU per node
    :2 CPUs
  • CPU model
    :Xeon 2683 v3
  • RAM per node
    :32 GB
  • CPU price/Ghz/hr, $
  • CPU nodes
  • GPU model
    :GTX 1080 ti
  • GPU price/hour, $
  • GPU nodes
  • Power description
    :25200 GHz.H
  • Discount
    :Discounts up to %60
  • Support
    :Livechat, Skype

About farm

It was established in 2017 with the aim of being able to meet the need for rendering in 3d animation. With the possibility of price policy, performance and full automation, it serves as Turkey's most trusted online rendering farm brand.

3d Artists need a solution partner that hosts high-performance and large numbers of servers so that rendering calculations can be completed in less time. Render724 allows you to increase your business volume by transforming rendering calculations that are not possible to be completed with personal computers into an efficient business process.

With low-cost rendering solution alternatives and high priority benefits, you can manage your projects online on all platforms, including the Web page.



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Short Info

Supported software

  • Image 3DSMax
  • Image Blender
  • Image Cinema4D
  • Image Maya

Supported renderers

  • Image vray
  • Image mentalray
  • Image arnold
  • Image maxwell

Supported plugins

  • Image multiscatter
  • Image forestpackpro
  • Image realflow
  • Image vrayscatter
  • Image rail-clone
  • Image glu3d