Summary info

  • Cores per node
    :16 cores
  • CPU per node
    :2 CPUs
  • CPU model
    :Intel Xeon E5-2680 or better
  • RAM per node
    :192 GB
  • CPU price/Ghz/hr, $
  • CPU nodes
  • GPU model
    :NVidia K80
  • GPU price/hour, $
  • GPU nodes
  • Power description
    :99.85% uptime, over 99% success rate in project delivery
  • Discount
    :Volume options available for studios/large productions
  • Support
    :ticketing system

About farm

**NEW** The new RenderStreet is live! Better pricing, Modo support (including for the monthly RenderStreet One plan), integration with online cloud storage (Dropbox/Google Drive/MS OneDrive), support for Filmic Blender and more

RenderStreet is the next generation Blender and Modo render farm. Very easy to use, with powerful servers (CPU and GPU) and affordable pricing, billed by the minute. 

Double the GPU speed with the new generation of Tesla V100 GPU servers! RenderStreet supports a variety of Blender versions, from 2.72 to 2.81 (with shadow catcher and denoiser), plus 2.82 (with EEVEE support) and is always up to date with the latest versions the Blender Foundation publishes. It also has very friendly customer support and an interface that has zero learning curve.

Full support for Modo, versions 902, 10.02v2, 11.0v2, 11.1v1, 11.2v3, 12.2v1 and 13.2v2(with NVIDIA® OptiX™ Denoiser on GPU). RenderStreet supports render groups/passes and irradiance cache.


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Short Info

Supported software

  • Image Blender

Supported renderers

  • Image vray
  • Image cycles
  • Image luxrender

Supported plugins